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Professional Finish Every time. At Just Jap Auto we Provide a fully Equipped Crash Repairs Adelaide, with the best technology in paint system and low bake spray booth ensuring a perfect match and finish every time. Our Paint and Panel Adelaide, Department is always looking for new technology in materials we use to insure we achieve high quality Job.

Crash Repairs and Collision Repairer

Quality Repairs No Compromise
Only Use Genuine Spare Parts
Private And Insurance Jobs are Welcome
Custom Paint
Body Works

Quality Repair No Compromise

Quality Job At an affordable price!

Our highly Experienced Panel Beater and Spray Painter Will Ensure to get high Quality finnish at an affordable price.

How Do we Do it?

With Experience comes knowledge and Deep understand how to remove and reassemble Parts, with help of manufactures guidelines and Installation procedure we will insure to minimise time spend on the car, and removal of unnecessary parts while repairing your vehicle.

Dose this effect Quality?

Since a Quality job is the driving force of our workshop. We take all the necessary Steps to Ensure our 'No Compromise Policy' is not effected.

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Only Use Genuine Part

To Ensure quality workmanship and maintain your vehicle's Value, It is Highly recommended to use GENUINE parts only. This will only ensure that all your parts are as good as they ones which are removed.

At Just Jap We will Never use “aftermarket parts” unless there is absolutely no other options.

Private And Insurance Jobs Are Welcome.

At Just Jap No job is too small or too big.

We welcome all type of customers Private or Insured.

If you need help getting your Car back on the road but not financially fit, We Can Help you.

If your insured and Needs Repairs.

You Can Have your Car Repaired For FREE! Terms And Conditions Apply

How? Simple. We will Cover your Insurance excess.

Not Insured? We can help you there as well.

Since you Don't have Insurance excess for us to pay. We will credit that money towards your Final Bill. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Custom Paint Jobs And Body Works

At Just Jap we can take care of all type of Custom Paint jobs. Including Special Pearls Exclusively. Available from just jap only.

Check our List of Customised pearls paints.

Custom Body Works.

We can Help with all types of metal shaping and CNC Design and productions.

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