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An Auto Service Adelaide Center at its best. At Just Jap we pride ourselves in our workmanship and Service Quality we provide our customers. Our dedicated team ensures your car receives the best treatment while her stay with us. Our Auto service team will go through list of safety checks to ensure your vehicle is updated. We push ourselves to provide best Car Service Adelaide and Mechanical Repair Adelaide.

We service All makes and model
Log book service are welcome
All suspension and breaks services
Computer diagnostics and troubleshooting

Having Difficulty and need assistance? Use our self Diagnosis Guide.

Self Diagnosis

We Service All Makes and Models

At Just Jap Auto Care Centre, We service all makes and model, Our Workshop is Equipped with Latest software to help us meet your vehicle's need at the time of service

Minor Service We Change the engine oil and oil filter.
With this service we also do a compulsory
Brake inspection, check and top up fluids
and Report any finding during the inspection.
Major Service.

To keep your car running like a clock work you will need to do a major service after a certain amount of Kilometer. During this service Technicians will have full inception of the vehicle, including removing parts to check necessary Parts against ware and tare.

Major Service Includes
-Change Engine Oil + Oil Filter
-Remove and Replace Spark plugs
-Change or Top-up Engine Coolant
-Change or Top-up Brake Fluids
-Change or Top-up Transmission Fluid
-Change or Top-up Power steering fluid
-79 Point Safety Check with Report.
-OBD 2 Computer Scan
(Change or Top-up is Subjected to Condition of the Items or Fluids. Extra Charges may occur for Replacement of fluids or parts).

Log Book Service

Maintain Your vehicle and keep a service history

Log book Serving is the the most effective way to maintain you vehicle, Not Only that but you will also preserve the value of your car.

Just Jap Auto Care Centre strictly follows manufacturers guidelines on parts, materiel and Fluids.

This ensures your car is update when it comes to worn parts and fluids.

Call Us now For Great Log book Service deals.

All Suspension And Brake Services.

To Ensure Safety and Reliability and it necessary to have your Suspension checked. Cracked bushes and out lined suspension components can lead serious steering malfunction and Lose of Control. This Will Also Cause un-even and costly tyre ware.

At Just Jap Auto Care Centre We can Inspect and Report on all suspension and brake problems. If you have Unnecessary noise or knocking sound coming from your Vehicle while hit a bump, changing direction or apply brake while driving. your vehicle might be in need of urgent attention.

Don't Risk it Call us and book an appointment for an inspection.

Computer Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Do you have and engine light showing up on the dashboard? Your Vehicles on board computer has picked up a fault in the Emissions or Electrical Components of your Vehicle. It is Necessary to have the your Vehicle check as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs mechanically.

At Just Jap we are Equipped with the Latest computer and software to read and rectify any problem your vehicle may have. Our Experienced staff can troubleshoot any Electrical problems.

Call us for a free consultations for any issues electrical related.