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Huge Range of New & Used Tyres
New & Used Alloy wheels to suit All
Wheel Alignment Suspension Repairs
Battery to Suit All Make & Models

Huge range of New And Used tyres

At Just Jap Auto, we have a huge range of New and Used Tyres. With Prices Starting form $30.00 (New) you will be sure to get the absolute best price. Call us now to get a quote.

We can get a great deal on leading brands

New And Used Alloy wheels

New Or Used.

We have Browse wheel and Wheels from all the leading brands.

Wheel Alignment Suspension Repairs

It Is Important to do a wheel alignment once every year or every time you put on a new Set of tyres.

Why the wheel alignment needs to be done?

The wheel alignment needs to be done because over time the wheel angles change. This happens as a result of deforming and wear of various rubber bushings in the vehicle suspension and sagging of the springs. Besides that, the wheel alignment needs to be checked after hitting large potholes and curbs, as well as after accidents. The wheel alignment also needs to be done after replacement any of the major suspension or steering components. Similarly, it should be done after lowering or rising the suspension.

What are the symptoms of improper wheel alignment?

– the steering wheel is off center when driving straight
– the vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a straight and level road
– the vehicle doesn’t hold the road well, feels unstable, wanders from side to side
– tires screeching when turning
– tires wear unevenly
With the latest 3D Wheel Alignment system, It's ensured that your Wheel setup to factory Specs.

Battery to Suit All make and Model

We have battery to suite all makes and models

Free Fitments Service available for most makes and Models. Conditions Apply Call us now to ask price and availability